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Hustlable: Your Side Hustle Starter Spark

Hustlable by makes side hustle ideas easy. Simply choose a UN goal, industry, and product to combine. Spark your profitable, purpose-driven hustle with this customized starting point.


Introduce your child to a world of language and comfort with Pillingo - the innovative pillow that combines education with rest.

All You Can Color

All You Can Color: Unleash your creativity with limitless coloring possibilities. Explore our collection of captivating coloring books, access online courses, and join a vibrant community of artists.

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Dorm Room Hustles: Turn Your Major into a Business Idea

This app helps college students brainstorm business ideas by combining their major, a UN Sustainable Development Goal (UNSG), an industry, and a product to create a problem-solving solution.

"Hustlable" blog

Hustlable: Quality Education + Travel/Tourism + Phone Cases =
Introduction:In the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, finding the right combination of elements for a successful side hustle can be challenging. What if we could introduce an element of randomness to spark creativity and align our efforts with g...
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