moabmall-a-z:dinosaur coloring book

The first sale

On the morning of Sunday June 6th 2021, I stopped by the MoabMade store located in Moab Utah. As a product creator, I witnessed something that will forever stay in my mind as I continue to create. A little girl, maybe between 8-10 chose a product that I created. It was the A-Z: Dinosaur coloring book and it was the first one that was purchased there. I had a big smile on my face as I heard the father mentioned that she used her own money to purchase it. Part of me wanted to say, “Hi, I created that”, but I let them continue their experience of visiting Moab. As i think about it some more, that little girl may one day decide to become a Paleontologist, an artist or maybe a product creator. I may never know, but I left that store feeling even more inspired to continue to produce high quality products that not only are fun but also educational. You are invited to visit the Moab Made local artisan store. The owner and founder is Rebecca McAllister. Thank you Rebecca for allowing me to sell my products in your fascinating store.

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