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Zax Restaurant interview: Positive Creates Positive

Zax Restaurant

Title: Zax Restaurant interview: Positive Creates Positive

In 2017, I was fortunate to interview Judy Copeland, the general manager of Zax restaurant. She shared some amazing things about the restaurant as well as a message that we all need to hear now, 4 years later.


Interview transcript

Murice: Thank you so much for joining us for another episode of Moab business profile. Today we are at Zax restaurant and I’m here with the general manager. I will let her introduce herself.

Judy: My name is Judy Copeland I have been with Zax for thirteen, going on my fourteenth season. I moved from Colorado to Moab. I grew up here. Left for a couple of years. And I’m back.

Murice: Now what would you say is the biggest lesson you have learned while running Zax restaurant?

Judy: Treating people like you want to be treated. I want them to come into Zax knowing that they’re not family but when they walk in they become family.

Murice: Wow that’s awesome. Every restaurant, any business should partake of that.

Is there a special cause that you have been able to support because of your business?

Judy: Absolutely. There’s a few. One that comes to mind is the costumes for foster care kids. The community really, you know brings costumes in for those kids so that they have a halloween like all other kids in Moab. We do a coat drive for kids at the HMK (Helen M. Knight). The community really steps up.

Murice: Yes, thank you for that. We appreciate that you guys are involved in the community like that.

Murice: Moab is changing and we see something special happening here in Zax. So, I would like for you to tell us about this special thing that is happening at Zax.

Judy: Well, in November we had to close for two and a half months to have beam support the top of the patio. So this year we are putting outside patio on top of the roof at Zax so that you can see the beautiful La sal mountains and just the beauty of what Moab really is about.

Murice: It is amazing what you just said about the LaSal mountains. I didn’t think about that because I’ve actually been up there before it’s completed. And, it’s just a nice view just looking out into the road and everything. But thinking about the Christmas parade. You guys are going to be packed at that time.

Judy: Absolutely and also too for the car show. Right there at the edge you will be able to see the cars go. It’s just gonna be amazing.

Murice: Thank you so much Judy and before we leave, share something special that is on the top of your mind.

Judy: Be kind. There’s so much difference right now. Just remember we’re all human and be positive because positive creates positive.

Murice: Thank you so much. That was a bonus question that just threw you off but I felt impressed to ask that question and I’m glad I did. That’s something that I appreciate you sharing. Thanks so much for sharing.

Judy: Thank you so much Murice and everybody in Moab, come see us at Zax.

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